By Morgan Barclay, Mostly Sports Head Editor: Twitter @MoJackCheese

There are several reports out of Toronto, Ontario that Blake Griffin was in an altercation with his supposed friend Matias Testi. Doc Rivers is now saying this fight was specifically designed to help Blake with his left-handed lay-ins, baby hooks, and other pretty basic left-handed shots. More specifically, Doc Rivers had this to say in his raspy voice, “We all know Blake can’t go left, we’ve seen that in practice, eating steak, holding babies, and even when he’s trying to reach for things in high places. So luckily with this new right-hand injury, we think it will force Blake to eat, sleep, and eventually shoot left-handed getting him ready for the playoffs.” If the Clippers & Doc’s plan pans out, Blake will finally be able to go left, which could really help their chances.

Here’s how Blake normally dribbles left – hopefully that will change after this injury.