By Morgan Barclay, Mostly Sports Head Editor: Twitter @MoJackCheese

Peyton Manning – One Last Standing

Seriously, he’ll probably be STANDING – on the sidelines no less, borderline irrelevant, like that child actor Dakota FANNNG.  Maybe move to LA, play for the Rams, and just start TANNING.

But don’t get me wrong, he just might GLOW, because we know this Super Bowl is Peyton’s last SHOW – but likely MVP Cam Newton has all of the FLOW, dabs, dances & moves making Joey from Blossom say, “WHOA!

Win or Lose, Peyton’s had quite the RUN, setting records galore, one of the all-time best QBs, bar NONE. But on February 7th, factor in Newton’s LAW – with runs, passes, and QB dashes; ‘Man, that dude is not SMALL.’

But when Peyton’s behind center, for one last TIME. Yelling “Omaha, Omaha!!’ – will he throw his last Dilfer DIMES?  Elway hopes yes – because he did it BEFORE, twisting and turning, even helicoptering to the FLOOR.

But on this Super Bowl SUNDAY, we’d all be REMISS, if Peyton left us with all ducks and no good bye KISS — but no matter what happens, a Man of the Mannings will truly be MISSED.

Love Always,

Mostly Sports

Editorial Note: Newton’s Law of Motion: Every object in a state of uniform motion tends to remain in that state of motion unless an external force is applied to it – that being the Denver Defense. This we recognize as essential to the #Broncos winning  Super Bowl 50 based on Galileo’s concept of inertia, and this is often termed simply the “Law of I’m Gonna Hurt Ya“ (aka Inertia)

Mike’s Super Bowl Prediction: Denver to cover 5.5/6

Jay’s Super Bowl Prediction: Carolina to cover 5.5/6

Morgan’s Super Bowl Prediction: Denver to Win (Straight Up)