Daily Fantasy sports is expected to generate over 2 Billion dollars by 2019.

Daily Fantasy sports is expected to generate over 2 Billion dollars in the US by 2019.



Any baseball fan will tell you that Opening Day should be a national holiday. It lets us know that spring is here & summer is near.
With the first pitch quickly approaching, i’ve spent a lot of time in recent weeks replying to many requests explaining why I don’t want to join your fantasy league. For this guy, i’m done with season long fantasy sports.
Daily Fantasy Sports have come bursting on the scene and as long as certain state legislatures look the other way, it shows no signs of slowing down. Whether you think it’s gambling or not, I don’t really care. It’s not going anywhere.

The thought of having to check your lineup EVERY DAY for season long all of the sudden sounds way too time consuming. It definitely didn’t used to be. Baseball makes it even tougher than the other sports. Rain-outs, delays, late scratches & tough calls like lefty/lefty matchups force you to keep an eye on your team all day up until that player is locked in.
The funny thing about it is that I PLAY DFS EVERY DAY. I probably keep a closer eye on my DFS teams because of the interchangeable players & how you can say goodnight to your bad team & have a totally different team the next day. What happens if Bryce Harper or Mike Trout are late scratches for precautionary reasons or they stubbed their toe? Things like this don’t seem to be an issue in Basketball or Football. Or they ate a bad PB&J after batting practice? Sounds ridiculous, but in a 162 game season these are the kind of excuses that some guys come up with to get a day off. Anyway, because of a brutal paper cut signing autographs….your day could be over & you have just wasted a $3/entry on the Moonshot on Draftkings.

I live in Los Angeles & grew up in New York and up until this year have played in the same league, with the same guys i grew up with, for the same buy-in since 2002. It’s been great. Taken it down a few times, some genius pick-ups, devastating injuries, ridiculous trade offers & a lot of laughs. Now the trades are really few and far between and the message board has gone stale due to the fact that we’ve pretty much come up with every joke we could already make about each other.
This was the one that was the toughest to say goodbye to….Acutally, not that tough at all. For some reason the thought of committing to a full season of research & analysis has become a no-go for me. Even though I’ll still be doing it EVERYDAY and I’ll know the WAR of Paul Goldschmidt against the NL West, or what Ryan Goins .OPS is vs. leftys when he’s in the 7-spot under a dome in Canada after a night game the day before, (He was always really cheap last year in an explosive lineup) I can’t commit to a full season…but i’m excited for baseball everyday.

The few days around the NBA all-star game this year were painful. I couldn’t get a lineup in. My morning ritual of coffee, sportscenter, & checking lineups & injuries & who’s getting minutes with a bad matchup tonight was put on hold for what seemed like an eternity while I had to watch Drake think he was a LOT cooler than he really is. Thanks Toronto.
I don’t know if it’s the social media effect of 140 characters where it seems every single person under the age of 50 has a severe case of ADD? I certainly fall in to that category. Can I sit and watch a whole baseball game…No. Is baseball trying to shorten these games? Yeah, try harder. Why is it absurd now that playing 18 holes of golf is too long? It didn’t used to be.
Season long fantasy used to be king. Now in today’s ADD, 140, hashtag, snap society where everything is a short burst of information before you lose focus, season long is dead & DFS has taken over quickly. Baseball is right around the corner…..i’m excited….get involved.