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There apparently was a debate on last night. I have no idea who watched it. I do know that I watched basketball and it was 500x better than any political debate with old people who don’t understand what it’s like to play daily fantasy everyday and write articles in sweatpants. Also, the New York Knicks Vine account is the worst run vine account in the world. It’s all videos of their current team warming up. I will no longer include a single highlight until they fix this.

Here’s Kobe shooting a beautiful fade-away over Alonzo Gee. Kobe understands me. Maybe Kobe for president with Chris Anderson as his VP? Just throwing shit out there.

I typed that last statement last night before this happened. Ryan Anderson, one of the few white American NBA players rocking a goatee/looks like a radio DJ, dunked on Kobe. I’m at a loss of words.

For each day this weekend, you should be looking to roster these players.

Fantasy Point (FP) references in this article reflect DraftKings Fantasy NBA Scoring. 

Friday 3-Ball
PG Chris Paul, Los Angeles Clippers @ Orlando–Paul continues to provide a steady source of everything for the Clippers. He’s got a great matchup tonight against the Magic who are starting to play better basketball thanks to Aaron Gordon being thrust into the starting lineup. This means a close game and heavy minutes for CP3. The Magic rank 27th against PGs on DK and I expect a double-double for CP3 in route to a big game.

PF Kevin Love vs. Boston–Love continued to stay hot and consistent for the Cavs since Tyronne Lue has become the new head coach. Love seems to have found  his niche in the offense as a stretch 4 who attacks the glass. He’s also got a great matchup tonight against the Celtics and their inconsistent front court. They currently rank 20th against PFs on DK and Love should have a double-double tonight.

C Nikola Jokic, Denver Nuggets vs. Chicago–Jokic has been red hot lately, solidifying his minutes in the rotation for the Nuggets. His price still hasn’t caught up to his production which is nice. He’s had at least 30+ fantasy points in 5 of his last 7 games and with the Bulls playing a little thin in their front court, I expect Jokic to continue to play great.

Saturday 3-Ball
PG Damian Lillard, Portland Trail Blazers @ Houston–There is a lot of good PG matchups on Saturday so I’m going with a contrarian pick. Most action will likely be on Steph Curry and Russell Westbrook for good reason but Lillard has the better matchup against the Rockets. If you’ve been following along, the Rockets D is awful and Lillard will be asked to shoulder the scoring load as he always does for the Trail Blazers. Also, I anticipate this game having a high O/U so getting the best player at a cheaper price than the top 2 PGs is a good thing.

SF Kevin Durant, Oklahoma City Thunder @ Golden State–I love Durant. You should play him against Golden State. Not much else of a paragraph is needed to convince you.

PF Thaddeus Young, Brooklyn Nets @ Philadelphia–Young? WTF? Hear me out. This is the ultimate revenge game for Thad. Not really, but because both teams share many of the same deficiencies on defense and offense, I like Young to also have a double-double. Philadelphia will be more concerned with locking down Brook Lopez and throw everything at him. This will allow Young to be active for stray boards and easy putbacks.

Sunday 3-Ball
SF Carmelo Anthony, New York Knicks vs. Denver–Melo is killing it right now and he gets another great matchup to expose in the Nuggets. This game should be high scoring as both teams give up plenty of points and with Melo’s high usage rate, he should have no trouble putting up another 40+ fantasy point game against the Nuggets.

SF Aaron Gordon, Orlando Magic vs. Atlanta–Gordon had a bad game on Wednesday and didn’t play crunchtime minutes. However, I’m still bullish on him. Gordon is an active rebounder and gets a lot of tip-ins. He’s got a blossoming jumpshot but his athleticism and motor will be a lot to handle for Millsap or any SF/PF for the Hawks. When Gordon goes, so do the Magic.

C DeAndre Jordan, Los Angeles Clippers vs. Miami–Even if Hassan Whiteside is playing on Sunday, I like Jordan in this matchup. The Clippers will need him to rebound at a high level against Whiteside and protect the rim from Goran Dragic and Dwayne Wade drives. I see a good double-double out of DJ, who tends to play better when he’s facing a good center.

Have a great weekend!

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