By Dr. Joe Thompson, Mostly Sports Daily Fantasy Doctor: Twitter @DrJoeThompson

Welcome back folks! Good to be back in the flow. The All-Star Game sucked as usual. No defense with both teams scoring over 170 points. That’s not basketball. That’s boring. It was definitely better than the Pro Bowl that’s for sure.

The Celebrity Game was entertaining. Jason Sudeikis played very well and surprised me. The MVP was Win Butler of Arcade Fire who was the most annoying player on the court. I don’t care what he tried to force down our throats in the MVP ceremony. I don’t care that he turned his back on America (Okay. I care a little bit about that because I love this country so DAMN MUCH). I was annoyed at his me-first, ball-hog attitude. When I play in that game in a couple years when the All-Star Game comes to Memphis, I hope he comes. I will gladly shut him down and make him never want to play basketball again. Bullying can be useful sometimes.

I like it when white guys dunk. Especially in jeans. Jordan Kilganon did just that and repped Canada HARD. Not really but gave Canada something to be proud of. USA needs to step up it’s white boy dunking game ASAP.

Thursday Slate for February 18th, 2016
Utah @ Washington—7pm EST/4pm PST (WAS -1.0; O/U 199.0)
Chicago @ Cleveland—8pm EST/5pm PST (CLE -11.5; O/U 207.0)
San Antonio @ LA Clippers—10:30pm EST/7:30pm PST (SA -4.0; O/U 205.5)

Prices are courtesy of DraftKings.

Point Guard (High Value): Chris Paul, Los Angeles Clippers ($9,000)
Usually I try to avoid picking any players playing for or against the Spurs, but with a small slate, I have to take what I can get. There are 3 elite options at the PG position with Paul, Derrick Rose, or John Wall. I like Paul because he’s still the main focal point of the offense and will have to carry the load if the Clippers want to have a shot against the Spurs. Wall would be the next in line for me against the Jazz. I would avoid Rose due to the blowout potential of that game.

Bargain(s): Tony Parker, San Antonio Spurs ($4,800); Raul Neto, Utah Jazz ($4,100)

Shooting Guard (High Value): Rodney Hood, Utah Jazz ($6,300)
The shooting guard position has a variety of solid options tonight and I like Hood the most out of those options. The Wizards rank 30th against SGs on DK and Hood, up until the All-Star break, was playing well for the Jazz and giving them a strong scoring option while Derrick Favors gets his legs back. Most lineups will have a Hood, Beal, or J.R. Smith tonight so depending on what you are willing to spend, I think you’ll get pretty solid value from all three choices.

Bargain(s): J.R. Smith, Cleveland Cavaliers ($5,500); Danny Green, San Antonio Spurs ($4,700) 

Small Forward (High Value): Kawhi Leonard, San Antonio Spurs ($7,500)
I like Kawhi over LeBron tonight for the reason I mentioned in the PG slot: I think the Cavs blowout the Bulls tonight and I think the Spurs/Clippers game will be a tight one. The Spurs will have everyone available tonight and with Kawhi probably guarding CP3 the majority of the time, I think he’ll be motivated to have a great game. Now take that with a grain of salt. I said the same thing about Kawhi when he played LeBron and he ended up laying a fucking egg. However, Kawhi is at a discount tonight and I’m definitely going to use it.

Bargain(s): Otto Porter, Washington Wizards ($5,700); Wesley Johnson, Los Angeles Clippers ($4,600)

Power Forward (High Value): Derrick Favors, Utah Jazz ($7,000)
The three big options are Aldridge, Favors, and Kevin Love tonight and I like Favors tonight. Aldridge is wayyyyyy too hit or miss for my blood and, again, I don’t like the blowout potential in Love’s game tonight. Favors will have a good matchup against Nene or Jared Dudley tonight. Favors also benefits from the extra rest from the All-Star Break. If the pace is slow, that favors the Jazz and Favors as well.

Bargain(s): Taj Gibson, Chicago Bulls ($5,300); David West, San Antonio Spurs ($3,900)

Center (High Value): Marcin Gortat, Washington Wizards ($6,400)
Center is the deepest position tonight with five strong plays to choose from. There is a center for every price point tonight and all are solid options. I like Gortat because he’ll play 30+ minutes and will be called upon to keep Gobert and Favors off the glass tonight. Also, I think he’ll be more of a contrarian pick due to people flocking to Duncan at $5k and some better options (on paper) than Gortat going against the Jazz frontline.

Bargain(s): Tim Duncan, San Antonio Spurs ($5,000)

Get well soon!