Lamar Lamar – Don’t Stray Too Far

For he who should NOT, stray too far, shall not leave a scar, especially from those not named Kloe Kar…Dashians, it’s not fashionable that wins, it is they who have sinned, not you, our good friend, a man who’s been tested, time and time again. 
Merely a bronze in the Olympics, a mother who passed a long time ago, from Queens you came, to Win, Lose or Go. It’s your passion for a sport and life that shall last. When reality bites, you kept on going, your basketball game has always been flowin, even scoring buckets over the likes of Bruce Bowen. 
Once upon a time, you won two rings, two rings you will keep, not sow, it’s way too early for you to leave this life, a life known as The Lake Show. You, our friend, have been through thick and thin, our hearts are all with you, all people, all kinds – it’s not about winning or losing this time. This isn’t about the game, it’s about you being you, and that shouldn’t stop, so don’t make fame your last dime.

Much Love,
The Mostly Sports Team
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